on Game Development with Ren'Py:

"Ciesla does a very good job of exposing the reader to the world of visual novels detailing its history, current state, terminology, tools to build them, and ways to deploy them.. This is probably the most self-contained work on visual novels I have seen."

John King (Football Factory, The Prison House) on Robert's work:

" .. very powerful, well written. And no word wasted. "


The Sharp Edge: Interview with author John King
First published on Laura Hird's website

On the Three Gunas
Ponderings on lifestyle matters

Review of The Sound of White Ants by Brian Howell
First published on Laura Hird's website

"Studio Electronics"
Reviews of Electronic Products
 Some Finnish output

Culture Magazine Särö 2/2006
Kysymättömyyden julma hiljaisuus
Katsaus 2/2006
Eliminatiivinen materialismi
Katsaus 50 vuotta 1/2007
Ateismi 2.0
Katsaus: Kriittinen korkeakulu 40 vuotta 3/2008
Van Goghista
Lumooja 3-4/2008
Jälleensyntymisen tuska
Libero 4/2013

 Finnish drama

Kauan kaivattu. Directed by Suvi Leppänen
Starring Tanja Roiha and Lari Ylönen
Premiered on the 9th of March 2009 in Helsinki

 Academic writing

(Master's thesis) Finnish Degenerate Streamers as Representatives of Online Antihero Culture (2021)
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts

 Some short stories

Petting Rabbits
Showcase site of Scottish writer Laura Hird (2004)
In Our Own Words, Vol. 6 (MW Enterprises, 2005)
Children Of Static
Cezanne's Carrot 1/2006
A Minimum Threshold of Coolness
Linguaphobous Magazine 1/2008
Marian the Faithful
Rio Grande Review Spring 2009, Vol. 33
Mission To Dreamland
Included in the anthology Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind, 2010. Edited by Jonathan Penton, Donna Snyder, and Gabriel Ricard et. al.
Video Woman
Verbicide Magazine & Black Heart Magazine 8/2010
Outsoaring White Birds
Verbal 3 Magazine (London Books)
Follow The Snow
Ginosko Literary Journal #19
Verbal 5 Magazine
The Nabu Review (Paragon Press)
The Edge of Things
Thrice Fiction
Night Picnic (Night Picnic Press LLC)
Immortality, Resumed
The Bookends Review
The Patient He Hatched Into
Salmon Creek Journal #1 2020 (Washington State University Vancouver)

 Non-fiction books

The Book of Chatbots: From ELIZA to ChatGPT (TBA)
Springer / Springer Nature
Sound and Music for Games (2022)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-8660-9
Programming Basics: Getting Started with Java, C#, and Python (2021)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-7285-5
Encryption for Organizations and Individuals (2020)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-6056-2
Game Development with Ren'Py (2019)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-4919-2
Mostly Codeless Game Development (2017)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-2969-9

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