Page One (2021)
44 min 33 sec · color

PAGE ONE documents the intense journey of a writer to create the most compelling protagonist possible - at any cost.

Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021

Broken Elf (2010)
20 min 54 sec · black and white

BROKEN ELF is the story of Jukka, a man living with Huntington's disease, a severe and fatal neurological illness.

Fastminds Neurodiversity Arts Festival Official Selection 2018 · Reikäreuna Film Festival Official Selection 2013 · Kinos Film Festival Snowball Award 2010


Visible Light (2024)

VISIBLE LIGHT is a dreamlike exploration on the nature of reality based on cutting-edge physics theory as perceived by Easton, a schizophrenic man. VIEW TEASER TRAILER

In production

Epilogue (2021)
3 min 41 sec · color

EPILOGUE is a commentary on the state of criminal justice in the USA.

Silicon Beach Film Festival 2021

Cracow Story (2010)
5 min 26 sec · color & black and white

A man, a woman, and the city of Cracow.

Polish International Film Festival 2017

Footsteps (2009)
2 min 46 sec · black and white

FOOTSTEPS is an experimental short film for absent friends.

Featuring the music of Robert Mann

Wexford Documentary Film Festival Official Selection 2018 · All 4 Love Festival Official Selection 2015 · Artfools Video Festival Official Selection 2015 · Montreal Festival Nomade Official Selection 2015 · Light in the Darkness Festival Official Selection 2014 · Artova Film Festival Official Selection 2012 · Millbrook Film Festival, Canada BEST OVERALL FILM 2010 · Oslo Screen Festival Official Selection 2010 · Kettupäivät Film Festival Official Selection 2009

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